April 3, 2020

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Work Toward Equality Highlighted for Black History Month

Black History Month

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md., 5th) released a statement in early February to mark the beginning of Black History Month, highlighting the work Congress and the American people have done to reach equality for all people in the US.

“As we begin the celebration of Black History Month today, we look to the extraordinary story of African-Americans in our country, enriching our national life through civic leadership, military service, business, the arts, science, literature, sports, and entertainment,” House Majority Leader Hoyer said in the statement.

The congressman went on to say he has been proud to represent Maryland communities that have a long history of rich African-American cultural life and civic contribution.

“I am also proud to work closely alongside my colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus to advance the causes of equality, justice, and opportunity for all,” he said. Hoyer and his colleagues have worked and will continue to work to raise wages, combat discrimination, make higher education more accessible to all, break down barriers to voting, and expand opportunity.

“In celebrating Black History Month together, let us remember how integral African-Americans have been to every chapter in the American story,” the House majority leader said in the statement. “Throughout February, I look forward to commemorating four centuries of black history in America and the tragedies and triumphs of the African-American experience.”

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