February 22, 2024

Waiting for Spring

Posted by Barbara Raley
Leading Edge

The simple addition of paint and numbering popped the trim into focus and spruced up The Leader’s facade in a few hours.

The new numbers make the address more visible from Great Mills Road from its Great Mills Lane frontage road address, a very important element of curb appeal for a business.

Come spring, and The Leader has plans for some basic landscaping, but postponed in-the-ground¬† landscaping until ongoing road, sidewalk and utility repairs are completed along the property’s frontage.

To give the holidays and approaching winter a spike of green they planted small cedars in re-use containers. The cedars can rotate into the back yard and the containers planted with seeds or plants to give a color boost in the spring and ultimately placement in a final landscaping scheme.

Containers allow the owners postpone a final in-the-ground landscaping decision until the road, sidewalk and utility construction along Great Mills Lane is completed.

Whether you are looking to sell your home now or not for a decade,  its maturing curb appeal is integral to its value now and tomorrow. Inexpensive touches today can make a big difference in the future.



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