April 18, 2024

UCAC Thanked and Honored

At its annual Juneteenth Celebration at Tulagi Place June 15, the Unified Committee for Afro-American Contributions was thanked by Robin Finnacom, President and CEO of the Community Development Corporation for holding the festival in Lexington Park.


Then putting on another hat and representing the Lexington Park Business and Community Association, she described the banners that will be hung in a few weeks throughout the roads leading to and also aboard the Patuxent River Naval Air Station. The banners will commemorate the centennial of naval aviation and the first such major marketing and branding effort undertaken by the new business association.

The banners are being sponsored by local businesses to the tune of $300 apiece and will include the sponsor’s business logo as well as the centennial and Lexington Park logos. To thank the UCAC for its involvement and continued support in the betterment of Lexington Park, Ms. Finnacom announced at this year’s Juneteenth celebration that the business association was sponsoring a banner for the committee and that logo will fly with the other 300 for this centennial year.