June 5, 2023

Thunder Goes to Green Bay

thunder returns logoWell, hello again my intrepid readers. Thunder had an adventurous week last week. Let’s get all of you caught up.

Last Wednesday, Thunder took to the friendly skies to travel to lovely Green Bay, Wisconsin to catch the Packers home opener against the Chicago Bears. Accompanying yours truly was a motley band of brothers from St. Mary’s County, collectively called the Southern Maryland Packer Backers. It’s an eclectic bunch of professionals and regular working Joes bound by a love of football and an apparent need to damage our livers beyond common sense.

On the Chicago-to-Green Bay portion of our travels, our already well-lubricated gaggle noticed that none other than Deion Sanders, Hall of Fame cornerback and NFL Network commentator, was on our flight sans entourage. He quickly deplaned, wisely avoiding our crew. Upon arrival at the Green Bay Aloft Hotel, we quickly discovered that the whole NFL Network commentating crew was staying with us there. Thunder’s observations were as follows:

  1. Deion Sanders: very quiet, avoided contact with us regular folks. Quite a surprise given his colorful TV personality.
  2. Michael Irvin, former Cowboy wide receiver, Hall of Famer: Really nice, pleasant personality. Appears just like his on-screen persona.
  3. Marshal Faulk, former Ram running back, Hall of Famer:  Very intimidating in person, almost dour.
  4. Rich Eisen, lead anchor, NFL Network: Thunder had a nice 5 minute conversation with Mr. Eisen. Seemed like a really nice, genuine person.
Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field

Anyway, after all the star gazing, our motley crew went off to Lambeau Field to watch the Packers eviscerate the Bears. Thunder can think of no other football experience quite like watching a game there. The Midwesterners are a friendly lot; the beer is cold; and the bratwursts are tasty. If you’re a true football fan, you’ll never regret taking a trip there for a unique stadium experience.

Thunder flew back the next day and headed to the lovely Hyatt Resort in Cambridge, Maryland and was fortunate enough to hear General Russell Honore speak. You may recall him as the three star general who got New Orleans under some semblance of normalcy after Katrina pounded that city. He spoke glowingly of his 37 years of service and the men and women he served with honor. We should all feel a little safer with men and women like that serving our country.

One of his catchphrases during that trying time in New Orleans was “Don’t get stuck on stupid, son.”  And since this a column on fantasy football, let’s see how this pithy little phrase can be applied to fantasy football success.

Fantasy football championships have been gloriously won by riding the coattails of superstars such as Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Wes Welker, Peyton Manning and Chris Johnson. This season, all have struggled. If you’ve drafted these players high in the draft, you have to be a little concerned. Do you continue to play them, or do you cut your losses and trade away these potentially valuable players? Let’s evaluate!

  1. Larry Fitzgerald: This future hall of famer has not lost any skills but seems to be terminally hamstrung by mediocre quarterback play. Verdict: Trade to highest bidder.
  2. Andre Johnson: Houston has transformed into a run-first team and he has suffered from injuries. Verdict: Trade to highest bidder.
  3. Wes Welker: He’s in the walk year of his contract and the Patriots seem to be phasing him out. However, his targets should remain constant. Verdict: Keep.
  4. Peyton Manning: Struggled last week and seems an injury risk but has the sharpest mind of all. Should bounce back. Verdict: Keep and pray.
  5. Chris Johnson: has not lived up to high expectations and seems like a bad teammate on a worse team. Verdict: Trade for whatever you can get.

So there you have it. Don’t get stuck on stupid when other options are available. Good life advice and even better fantasy football advice.  Best of luck this week!

Hail Thunder!!!

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