April 13, 2024

Third Carrier-Ready JSF arrives at Pax

Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin

The third carrier-ready F-35C Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter test aircraft, CF-3, flies over its new home at Patuxent River Naval Air Station during its ferry flight from Fort Worth, Texas, Thursday. CF-3 was flown by Lockheed Martin test pilot Dan “Dog” Canin and is the third F-35C test aircraft at Pax River. CF-3 is the designated carrier suitability testing aircraft. Carrier suitability testing is scheduled to include the first catapult launches later this summer and shipboard testing in 2013. The F-35C is undergoing test and evaluation at Pax River in preparation for ultimate delivery to the fleet.

Below, a KC-130F tanker from Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Twenty (VX 20) welcomes CF-3 during its ferry flight from Fort Worth.

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