March 24, 2019

Story Time Comes to Annmarie Garden

Story Time

The Calvert Library system has an amazing story time program for children, and on Tuesday, July 25, the program is coming to Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Art Center. Starting at 10 am, the free story time program will be a treat for all children.

Children’s librarians with the Calvert Library offer story times for children from newborns to 5 years old. The programs introduce books to children from the very beginning of their lives. Even newborns benefit, as they begin to develop the motor skills to hold a book while reading.

Story times are not just about books, though. Children who participate in story times develop large motor skills as they dance and move in ways related to the story. Fine motor skills are developed as the children do crafts related to the story.

Story times promote brain development as the children are being introduced to reading and writing. This instills a love of reading that can last a lifetime, and the children also get to build their social skills as they participate in this group activity. They begin to learn how to listen and behave in a group.

Parents also benefit from story times. Being around parents who have children the same age is a great social outlet, and the free program makes it available to anyone without the cost of some social activities.

Holding a story time at Annmarie Garden is the perfect mix of reading and art appreciation. Kids can enjoy a story, do a craft related to the book, and then find plenty more to do in the garden.

About Annmarie Garden

An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, Annmarie Garden is located off of Route 2-4 on Dowell Road  in Solomons. The sculpture garden features a walking path that meanders through the forest past permanent and loaned sculpture, including more than 35 works of art on loan from the Smithsonian and the National Gallery of Art. Annmarie Garden also presents a variety of special events, gallery shows, and public art programs.

To learn more about Annmarie Garden, visit its Leader member page.

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