May 20, 2022

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STEM-ING Virtual Kick-Off April 3


The Patuxent Partnership reminds interested middle school girls that the ninth annual STEM-ING event is going virtual with a live kick-off at 1 pm Saturday, April 3. The event will close on April 24.

The kick-off will feature a live demonstration by the University of Maryland Chesapeake Biological Lab, an inspiring STEM talk by the keynote speaker and information regarding the at-home workshops. The free event will be streamed live, and the link will be provided to students who have registered.

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STEM-ING (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – Inspiring the Next Generation), as the name says, focuses on inspiring the middle school girls in sixth through eighth grades into STEM by proving an amazing opportunity to interact with positive STEM role models in the community. In addition, the girls are engaged in fun and challenging hands-on workshops, which will activate their learning by connecting theory and practice to generate a deeper understanding of STEM and its applications in everyday life.

STEM-ING is committed to empower these young girls to realize their inner potentials through these direct exposures and also help to increase their critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

Live STEM-ING final event will be at 1 pm Saturday, April 24

The final event will feature live prize drawings, at-home workshop wrap-ups, fun STEM information, and final Q&A sessions.

The event will be streamed live and the link will be provided to those who register.

About The Patuxent Partnership

The Patuxent Partnership is a nonprofit member organization that fosters collaboration between government, industry, and academia to advance education through STEM-based initiatives; to advance technology through speaker programs, forums, and networking; to advance science and technology transfer through the exchange of ideas, information, and data related to technologies; and to increase workforce development through an array of initiatives.

To learn more about The Patuxent Partnership and its programs, visit its Leader member page.

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