June 17, 2021

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State’s Judy Centers Celebrate 20 Years

Judy Center
Congressman Hoyer Facebook photo

Cool Spring Elementary School in Adelphi hosted the 20th anniversary Kick-Off Celebration of Judy Centers in Maryland last month with a visit from Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD).

Named after Congressman Hoyer’s late wife Judy, Judith P. Hoyer Center Early Learning Hubs provide comprehensive education and support services for children age 5 and younger and their families throughout Maryland. There are now 53 Judy Centers throughout Maryland. ​

“I was so honored to join with educators and elected officials from around the state of Maryland [December 13] to recognize the 20th anniversary of the first Judy Center,” Congressman Hoyer said. “My wife Judy dedicated her career to early childhood education in Prince George’s County. The network of Judy Centers named in her memory were inspired by the work of educators like her, who believed that we need to coordinate services for children and their families where early childhood education takes place. Judy would have been so proud of all that we have been able to accomplish since the first Judy Center opened.” ​

“With 53 Judy Centers now operating throughout the state of Maryland, it has been wonderful to watch this network grow and make a positive impact on our communities,” continued Congressman Hoyer. “I’ve been proud to champion Judy Centers in Congress, and I was glad we were able to include support for Pre-School Development Extension Grants in recent funding bills. These grants have been used to double the number of Judy Centers in our state. I will continue to advocate for more resources to promote community schools in our state, and work with my colleagues to take action to close the achievement gap among our students.”

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