February 3, 2023

St. Mary’s Has Nonprofit Funding Opportunities


Deadline to Apply is January 13, 2023

The St. Mary’s County Department of Finance has announced the opening of the funding utility for county nonprofits for the FY2024 budget year.

The notice of funding availability can be found here. Read the notice completely and follow the links. The application process is entirely electronic and must be submitted online.

The required online fillable forms include contact information form, revenue and expenditures, summary of changes, project budget summary, and selected statistics. Additionally, nonprofits are required to upload an executive summary to include a one-page narrative that conveys the program’s intent to address the category objectives in the anticipated funding year and how your program will accomplish the goals through measurable results. Finally, upload the latest signed audited financial statements (if required to complete an audit) and the most recent filing of IRS Form 990.

The application is for those agencies with a nonprofit status only. The deadline for submission is January 13, 2023. No late submissions will be allowed. Final adoption of the FY2024 budget is anticipated to be in May 2023.

Agencies are urged to not delay beginning the application process as it is new for some. The system will allow you to save and go back and edit your submission until the deadline.

Questions should be emailed to [email protected].

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