May 25, 2024

St. Mary’s Has More to Explore

More to Explore

For the third year, the Health Eating Active Living Action Team will host the More to Explore program for St. Mary’s County. Sponsorship opportunities abound for companies and organizations supporting healthy lifestyles. The HEAL Action Team is part of the Health St. Mary’s Partnership, supported by MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital.

More to Explore encourages more residents to explore the amazing parks, historical sites, and farmers markets located right here in St. Mary’s County.

To participate begin at your local library. When you sign up for the summer reading programs at the local libraries, you also will receive a Passport booklet describing the many places to explore and find adventure here in St. Mary’s County, MD. Or, if you aren’t participating in summer reading this year, pick up the Passport at any local library and get started visiting these amazing sites.

When you visit one of the places in this year’s More to Explore program, you will find a place in the booklet to complete a rubbing of the marker at that location. Once you’ve visited 10 or more of the 22 sites, participants bring their Passport back to the library for a prize and entry into drawings for even more prizes.

Anyone interested in being a sponsor can click here to see the sponsorship form, which offers three levels of support. The $50 Bronze Passport Level allows your business’ name to be included in the Passport. The $100 Silver Passport level allows your business name or logo to be printed on the inside back cover. At the $500 Gold Passport Level, your business name or logo will be printed in color on the back cover of the Passport. Donations are tax-deductible.

Visit here for more information about More to Explore.

This initiative of the HEAL Action Team is just one program to bring together community organizations and residents and begin to focus on ways to incorporate healthy eating, weight management, and active living into the lives of local residents. The principles of HEAL seek to prevent and control chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. An active lifestyle can prevent some of these diseases altogether and help manage them when they do occur.

The purpose of More to Explore is to introduce community members and bring residents back to visit the sites that can help support healthy eating and active living in St. Mary’s County, all year.

For more information and one-click access to a full list of resources available at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital, visit their Leader member page.

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