July 15, 2020

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School Meal Service Continues Through June 18


St. Mary’s County Public Schools meal preparation and distribution sites have been approved to reopen for full-service food preparation and distribution. The school system will resume no-contact, drive-up lunch service Thursday, June 4, 2020, and continue service through June 18 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm daily.

  • Leonardtown Elementary School, 22885 Duke St., Leonardtown
  • Greenview Knolls Elementary School, 45711 Military Lane, Great Mills
  • Margaret Brent Middle School, 29675 Point Lookout Road, Mechanicsville
  • Lexington Park Elementary School, 46763 Shangri-La Drive, Lexington Park

Meals will be offered to all children 18 and younger free of charge. Parents and children can drive up to these locations and receive meals that they can take home during current school closures. For questions regarding the lunch service program, email foodservice@smcps.org.

For local COVID-19 data, updates and information, visit www.smchd.org/coronavirus or call the COVID-19 Community Hotline at 301-475-4911 Monday through Friday from 8 am-5 pm.



The Maryland Department of Health website, as of 10 am Tuesday, June 9, reports the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Maryland is at 58,904.

All data provided by the state health department is preliminary and is subject to change based on additional reporting. Information for cases by ZIP code and cases and deaths by race represent data that is available to MDH. Data for ZIP codes with 7 or fewer cases is suppressed. MDH is continuously evaluating its data and reporting systems and will make updates as more data becomes available. Click here.

Reported cases in Southern Maryland: 555 in St. Mary’s County, 363 in Calvert County, and 1,216 in Charles County.

The St. Mary’s County Health Department offered this information as of noon Monday, June 8:

Confirmed Cases in St. Mary’s County Residents: 555
Deaths: 34
Negative Test Results: 4,928*
Hospitalizations: 95**
Recovered and Released From Isolation: 265

Male: 326
Female: 229

Case Breakdown by Race/Ethnicity:
African-American/Black: 213
Caucasian/White: 264
Hispanic/Latino: 50
Other or Not Identified: 28

Case Breakdown in Long-term Care Facilities***

Charlotte Hall Veterans Home
Residents: 199
Staff: 81

Chesapeake Shores
Residents: 2
Staff: 6

St. Mary’s Nursing Center
Residents: 0
Staff: 0

Please note: Due to a technical issue, local zip code mapping will be delayed until further notice.

*Laboratories reporting results electronically through the National Electronic Data Surveillance System – Data from January 1, 2020 – present.

**Number of St. Mary’s County residents who have been hospitalized at any hospital in Maryland due to COVID-19. Data is not reflective of current patient status. Emergency Department visits removed from total count.

***For additional information on cases in congregate facility settings, visit the Maryland Health Care Facilities Resource Page.

St. Mary’s data will be updated at least daily by noon at the county health department’s website linked to above.


The Maryland Department of Health offered this statewide information as of 10 am Tuesday, June 9:

Confirmed Cases in Maryland: 58,904
Negative Test Results: 319,178
Number of Deaths: 2,686
Number of Probable Deaths: 125
Current Hospitalized: 970
Acute Care: 584
Intensive Care: 386
Ever Hospitalized: 9,676
Released from Isolation: 4,279
Male: 28,237
Female: 30,667

Maryland residents can now see the number of cases by ZIP code. Click on the state’s website linked to above.

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