May 30, 2023

Romance and Elegance

The Tides Manager Sean Drury

Posted by the Wildewood Group
Pax Leader

Casual dining in an elegant atmosphere defines lunch at The Tides in Lexington Park.

Manager Sean Drury came up through the ranks, beginning as a server more than six years ago.

Chef Russell Nelson arrived a year ago and tinkers with the menu seasonally. Recently he revamped the Atlantic salmon salad, which he prepares in the video clip below.

Server Jessica Duncan and Sous Chef Randy Brown make an appearance as well.


Only two Monday evenings remain to catch this season’s Romantic Evening dinners for two, featuring a selection of four-course “seductive” dinners with a touch of sparkling wine.

3 Responses to “Romance and Elegance”
  1. riverwrite says:

    This salmon entre created by Chef Russell at the Tides Restaurant in Lexington Park is the best meal i have had in St. Mary’s County (and possibly anywhere) in a very long time. Chef Russell enjoys his work and it shows. It was also a great deal–$12 -with the wonderful bread, service, and ambiance that accompanies a meal at the Tides. If you are spending $8 for a fast food meal in Lexington Park–consider this lovely alternative for just a few dollars more. It would be more than enough for someone twice my size. This is by far the best fine dining experience in the area. The service and atmosphere is to be commended also, not to mention the vibrant bar scene on Thirsty Thursdays…

  2. ed phillips says:

    Did riverwrite write the above comments before the 2nd glass of wine?

  3. Kayla says:


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