June 16, 2024

Regional SkillsUSA Competition Results

Forrest SkillsUSA

The Maryland SkillsUSA Southern Regional Competition was held recently at the Dr. James A. Forrest Career & Technology Center in Leonardtown, MD.

Students from the Forrest Center in St. Mary’s County, the Career & Technology Academy in Calvert County, as well as North Point High School and the Robert D. Stethem Educational Center in Charles County participated in a variety of skilled trades competitions. Students receiving first, second, and third place in each contest advance to the state conference along with students whose contests are state-only competitions.

Some competitions were done locally at the participating school due to low participation or lack of programs in that career field at the other high schools. These competitions have been noted if the school completed a local competition before the regional date. Some schools will send their top three straight to the state conference.

Contests results are as follows:

Advertising Design

  • Gold: Blake Brady, Forrest Center
  • Silver: Shyla Allgood, North Point
  • Bronze: Yuki Ruiz, North Point

Architectural Drafting

  • Gold: Nerissa Zobell, Forrest Center
  • Silver: Andrew Bethen, North Point
  • Bronze: Sean Cooper, Forrest Center

Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair

  • Gold: Thomas Marshall, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Aidan Klinc, North Point
  • Bronze: Joshua Jones, North Point

Automotive Service Technology

  • Gold: Angel Guzman, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Brandon Gordon, North Point
  • Bronze: Austin Howard, Stethem

Baking and Pastry Arts

  • Gold: Anna Tripp, Forrest Center
  • Silver: Tanner Gaton, Career & Technology Academy
  • Bronze: Danielle Washington, North Point

Basic Health Care Skills

  • Gold: Manmeet Kaur, Stethem
  • Silver: Gracie Hutton, Forrest Center
  • Bronze: Amalachukwu Okaye, Stethem


  • Gold: Connor Wise, Forrest Center
  • Silver: Kasey Wheeler, Forrest Center
  • Bronze: Nathaniel Miliken, Career & Technology Academy

Cosmetology (CTA Only)

  • Gold: Adley Paau Pesquara, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Lacey Hancock, Career & Technology Academy
  • Bronze: Casey Bowen, Career & Technology Academy

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

  • Gold: Gizelle Swann, Harlee Keen, & Kaelyn Buoy, NP
  • Silver: Madison Hurd, Aubrey Quiambas, & Aaliyah Davis, NP
  • Bronze: Amber Brown, Emma Hall, & Breanna Doyle, Career & Technology Academy

Criminal Justice

  • Gold: Keirstin Perez, North Point
  • Silver: Madison Cookey, Forrest Center
  • Bronze: Aaron Sellow, North Point

Culinary Arts

  • Gold: Jacob Adamson, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Amy Ontko, Career & Technology Academy
  • Bronze: Quinn Maloit, Career & Technology Academy

Digital Cinema Production

  • Gold: Levi Maiers & Victoria McCreary, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Taylor Hill & Catherine Smith, Stethem
  • Bronze: Sam Hall & Blake Hill, Career & Technology Academy

Electrical Construction Wiring

  • Gold: Victor Peña, North Point
  • Silver: Matthew Strickland, Forrest Center
  • Bronze: Colton Raley, Forrest Center

Emergency Medical Technician

  • Gold: Caroline Robinson & Travis Winston, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Christopher Bell & Kaelyn White, Forrest Center
  • Bronze: Hunter King & Kaileigh Weems, Career & Technology Academy


  • Gold: Riley Kulikowski, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Cody Davenport, Career & Technology Academy
  • Bronze: Nick Boswell, Career & Technology Academy

First Aid/CPR

  • Gold: Amanda Hill, Forrest Center
  • Silver: Gabrielle Hicks, Forrest Center
  • Bronze: Amelia Whittington, Forrest Center


  • Gold: William Walton, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Jeffrey Wink, Career & Technology Academy
  • Bronze: Connor Finnegan, Career & Technology Academy


  • Gold: Amulya Akula, North Point
  • Silver: Camille Van Erp, Forrest Center
  • Bronze: Weston Carr, Forrest Center

Nurse Assisting

  • Gold: Averi Lewis, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Ali Alameer, Forrest Center
  • Bronze: Matthew Bowie, Career & Technology Academy

Sheet Metal

  • Gold: Luke Stevens, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Nathan Lagimoniere, Career & Technology Academy
  • Bronze: Austin Crouse, Career & Technology Academy

TeamWorks (CTA Only)

  • Gold: Gariela Mejia Moran, Mason Kidwell, Tyler Smith, & Logan Kinner, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Andrew Wroten, Ashley Zachary, Cameron Bowen, and Kira Paau, Career & Technology Academy

Technical Drafting

  • Gold: John Shorb, Forrest Center
  • Silver: Michael Owens, Forrest Center
  • Bronze: Jeff Martines, Forrest Center

Photography (CTA Only)

  • Gold: Nathan Coston, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Waylon Trigger, Career & Technology Academy
  • Bronze: Charles Smith, Career & Technology Academy


  • Gold: Robert Phipps, Career & Technology Academy
  • Silver: Kaden Walp, Career & Technology Academy
  • Bronze: Jose Rodriguez, Stethem

Many industry partners volunteered their time creating, chairing, and judging competitions. Some donated supplies and materials for the competitions and prizes for the medalists. Organizers thanked them for their time and donations:

Local 26 Joint Apprenticeship Training Center

Staff members from Medstar Hospital

Volunteers from the local Fire & Rescue Squads

Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department for hosting the firefighting competition

Staff members of the St. Mary’s, Charles, and Calvert sheriff’s offices

Staff members from the College of Southern Maryland

Staff members from the St. Mary’s County government

Leonardtown Collision Center

WM Davis General Contractor

Calvert Broadcast

Queen Anne’s County Television

Many staff members from St. Mary’s, Charles, and Calvert County Public Schools

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce and to help each student excel. A nonprofit national education association, SkillsUSA serves middle school, high school, and college/postsecondary students preparing for careers in trade, technical, and skilled service occupations.

The SkillsUSA Maryland State Leadership and Skills Conference takes place March 24-25, 2023, in the Anne Arundel County and Baltimore areas.

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