July 14, 2024

Raley’s Furnishings: 55 Years in Lexington Park

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Terri Raley led her family’s American-made furniture business on Great Mills Road in Lexington Park into its second half-century five years ago and is still meeting that same mission.

The store was opened in 1958 by Ms. Raley’s father, Bill Raley, and five salesmen selling furniture, rugs, electronics and appliances. By the mid 1970s success in Lexington Park led to the opening of a second store in Waldorf. The current CEO was 8 at the time and her job was to cut the ribbon.

“Everyone participated,” Terri Raley told Kay Poiro of The County Times.

Management and even ownership changed hands after Mr. Raley’s death in 1984, but a decade later his son Mike Raley bought the family company and ran it until 2004 when his sister took the helm.

New electronics including a website went in when Ms. Raley took over and today the site allows visitors to choose furniture and click through the complete upholstery selection to see exactly what is available.

Ms. Raley also switched over to a completely in-house delivery system which she credits for better quality control. She also spends a lot of attention on employee appreciation, which has paid off for the company’s full 55 years in business. This is demonstrated by how long employees stay with the firm. One of the company managers has been with the firm for 15 years and others have worked for the company for a decade.

Custom design was added to the business and has now become more than 75 percent of their business. More than 400 fabrics and 10 leathers are available from Raley’s today. New vendors are being added and selections are being continually expanded.

To see for yourself, the Lexington Park store is located at 21716 Great Mills Road and can be reached at 301-863-8181. Although she is into electronic shopping, Ms. Raley still insists that the telephones be answered by humans.

Waldorf Location: 11800 Holly Lane, Waldorf, MD 20601, Phone: 301-843-0000. Ask an Expert: 301-863-8181.


Source: The County Times
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