May 25, 2024

Photographic Project Comes to St. Mary’s


Aqua Memoriae (or Water Memories) is a collaborative photography project that will focus on people who live near, work on, or have a deep connection to local waterways in St. Mary’s County.

Photographers Gabriela Bulisova and Mark Isaac will work closely with residents to produce a very personal portrayal of their link to the water, including a portrait, an image of an object important to each individual’s memories of the water, and a text in which each participant explains their selection in their own words.

As part of their work on this project, the photographers will be in St. Mary’s County from March 12-17.

Comprised of 150 major rivers and streams and home to more than 17 million people, the Chesapeake Bay watershed is stressed by pollution and vulnerable to climate change. The project will center on the effects of these transformations on the fragile ecosystem, the economy, and the culture and traditions of St. Mary’s, where the Bay and the Potomac River converge.

The art project hopes to portray the unique identity of St. Mary’s and its residents’ relationships with the water as the impacts of these changes become more visible. The project will express the diverse understandings and investments local communities have in the health of the watershed.

The artists are experimenting with the concept of involving water itself in the creative process. Therefore, as part of the project, three-part art objects created as part of the project may be weathered in water near where the photographs are taken and then presented in such a way that the effects of the water on the image are visible. Final photographs also may be exhibited in vessels filled with water. Some of the images from the Aqua Memoriae photographic project are likely to be displayed in an exhibition at the Boyden Gallery at St. Mary’s College of Maryland in October and November 2016.

Anyone who would like to participate, knows someone else who would be interested, or has any questions should contact Ms. Bulisova at [email protected] or 240-462-6573 or Mr. Isaac at [email protected] or 703-597-8921.




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