May 28, 2024

Why Pay Points?

Posted by Larry O’Brien
Mortgage Lender
FitzGerald Financial Group
A Division of Monarch Bank

There are any number of ways homeowners can secure, refinance and use a mortgage to their advantage.

This video explains what points are, how they impact a mortgage and whether they are right for you.

I bring 30  years of experience and excellent client interviewing skills to the table. I believe a mortgage can do more than provide you with the home you desire, it can serve as one of your most important future financial tools.

I lend throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and am able to provide complete start-to-finish mortgage lending services from the FitzGerald Financial Group, a division of Monarch Bank.

Please call me if you’re interested in learning more about mortgage lending and how it can work for you. 240-298-0534.



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