May 21, 2024

MedStar St. Mary’s a Fit-Friendly Workplace

Posted by MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital
Pax IIIAHA Award

The American Heart Association (AHA) named MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital a Gold Fit-Friendly work site, placing the hospital among an elite group of award recipients in this important initiative. The hospital is available to assist businesses and non-profits in creating wellness programs through the state’s Healthiest Maryland Businesses initiative.

The AHA supports the implementation of a comprehensive set of wellness initiatives in the workplace. Such programs can be an important means of addressing the nation’s rising obesity rates, sedentary behavior, and increasing prevalence of chronic disease. Workplace wellness programs can help reduce healthcare costs, reduce employee absenteeism, increase employee productivity, and can impact insurance costs.

As an organization devoted to health, MedStar St. Mary’s actively seeks ways to engage hospital associates in caring for their health while at work and at home. The hospital offers its associates free occupational health services with a nurse practitioner or registered nurse available, free smoking/tobacco cessation medication for employees and family members, free diabetes testing, and nutrition education.

The Wellness Committee at MedStar St. Mary’s offers free yoga classes to associates, a comprehensive walking program complete with incentives and campus walking routes, and discounted Zumba® classes onsite. The cafeteria also offers healthier options, such as reduced sodium options and food free from trans fat.

MedStar St. Mary’s health educators are available to support organizations or businesses in further developing a wellness policy. If interested in developing a program for your workforce, contact Lori Werrell, director of Health Connections at 301-475-6019.


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