July 14, 2024

Local Dentists Fix Mouths by the Hundreds

Mission of Mercy video


More than 800 people in need of dental care are being seen during a two-day Mission of Mercy program using 630 medical and dental volunteers and 65 dental stations set up at Chopticon High School in St. Mary’s County Maryland, The program, Mission of Mercy, is   led by St. Mary’s dentists Garner Morgan and Martin Barley.


One Response to “Local Dentists Fix Mouths by the Hundreds”
  1. eveline taylor says:

    It was a blessing; there are no other terms to depict what the doctors presented of themselves to embark on. To close their shops, and to donate their time, equipment, skills, with fortitude, patience, compassion, and commitment; to better those in need is beyond any description that my dictionary can describe, except to say again, and use the word BLESSING. With great respect, sincerity, and from the bottom of my heart, as first a patient then becoming a volunteer, let me take this time to say, I thank you all, immensely.

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