June 21, 2024

Lighting Audit Can Save Businesses Cash

Lighting Audit

Small businesses in Southern Maryland might qualify for up to 80 percent rebates on their Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative bills for LED lighting retrofits, after getting a lighting audit.

Because of the excellent rebates, the return on investment of changing to LED is usually between eight and 14 months. Energy Select has been a SMECO Trade Ally since 2011 through Prescriptive Lighting and is the sole representative for the Small Business Solutions program in Calvert and St. Mary’s counties for the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative.

Once Energy Select visits a small business and conducts a detailed lighting audit of all of the lighting in the business and how much it costs the business owner, the company provides a comprehensive report. The report includes the cost of replacing lighting with LED fixtures, and then a detailed list of the rebates from SMECO that will show the business owner the payback projections to help make decisions the lighting investments that the business owner might want to make.

Once the new lighting is installed, the company handles all the paperwork with SMECO and helps to make sure the business owner is able to take advantage of all possible rebates. Qualifying commercial businesses typically receive between 25 percent to 80 percent rebates toward the project cost.

In fact, since 2011, Energy Select has administered more than $3 million in rebates. The company performs commercial lighting retrofits in the retail, manufacturing, health care, academic, professional services, or any other type of small business in Southern Maryland. Call the company today at 301-475-6727 to schedule a visit.

Check out SMECO Small Business Solutions web page for more information about this money-saving program.

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