May 30, 2023

Learn About the SoMD Heritage Area

Southern Maryland Heritage Area/Destination Southern Maryland photo

The Patuxent Partnership‘s upcoming three-part series will provide a deeper insight into the Southern Maryland Heritage Area.

The first virtual session will be held from 11 am to noon on Wednesday, September 8, with Lucille Walker, executive director of SoMD Heritage Area.

Register for Southern Maryland: Where Time & Tide Meet, hosted via WebEx, here.

Southern Maryland’s heritage areas are places to experience – to see, hear, and taste – the authentic heritage of Maryland in ways that you cannot experience anywhere else.

Heritage areas exist where the stories of the people, the land, and the waters of Maryland, which have been intertwined for thousands of years, are told.

In heritage areas individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and governments form partnerships to preserve the best of Maryland’s historic sites and towns, unspoiled natural landscapes, and enduring traditions. These tangible links to both place and the past encourage residents to recognize they have a special piece of the American story to treasure and share with others, and that in doing so they create more livable and economically sustainable communities.

Destination Southern Maryland is also the Southern Maryland Heritage Area Consortium, whose mission is to enhance Southern Maryland through innovative heritage tourism experiences, comprehensive cultural and natural resource conservation, and excellence in educational opportunities. SMHAC is also an economic engine, providing product development and increased economic activity throughout the region through grants, partnership building, and sustaining regional identity.

Ms. Walker served as the interim director of foundation relations for the University of Georgia, after having served as the assistant director of both foundation and corporate relations for the university. While there she had noted fundraising success, and specialized in establishing and coordinating a variety of partnerships.

Ms. Walker was pleased to return to Maryland in the 2000s, and her work included assisting the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission as a consultant and business plan writer. She developed market-driven analyses of farm and business operations within the region, supporting individual farmers with strategic goals for maximum growth and sustainability.

Prior to being named the executive director of the SoMD Heritage Area in 2016, Ms. Walker established her own consulting business and continued to work with a number of organizations in the region.

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