May 25, 2024

Join TPP for Brown Bag 2.0 Series Webinar

Brown Bag 2.0 Dale Moore

The Patuxent Partnership will present its next edition in Dr. Dale Moore’s Strategic Brown Bag 2.0 series. The free webinar will be from noon to 1 pm Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

The May topic will be “Leadership: A Network Based View for Competitive Advantage.” Dr. Moore spoke at an early March TPP luncheon and focused on organizational strategy, innovation, and transformation.

Dr. Moore serves on The Patuxent Partnership Academic Advisory Board, and has served on the executive board, MIT Lean Aerospace Initiative, and the University of Texas at Dallas Research Advisory Board.

He holds an EdD in Human and Organizational Learning, Leadership and Change from George Washington University; a master’s in product development from the Naval Postgraduate School; and a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Delaware.

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Today, the complexity and pace of the strategic environment is growing rapidly and requires new ways to view the world. Leaders need new models and lenses to help them make sense and give meaning to these dynamics and their complexity.

Network science has evolved as a powerful tool to help analyze and evaluate these complex dynamics to help leaders to see, learn, think, and better understand what is really going on internal and external to their organization. The science of networks has continued to evolve and provide the foundations for systems thinking, big data analytics and complexity science – both of which are powerful tools in the leader’s toolbox.

These concepts are now being applied broadly to help understand our natural environment as well as the vast complexities of society. Viewing the world through the lens of networks can help provide valuable insight, foresight, and perspective that can shape and guide decisions, plans, and strategies for competitive advantage.

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