May 20, 2022

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Integrating Anthropology & the Military

Integrating Anthropology

Anthropology has a difficult but important relationship with the US military. In Dr. Kerry Fosher’s lecture, “Things Go Awry: Integrating Anthropology in Military Organizations,” discussion will ensue regarding her own efforts in her work, predominantly with the Marine Corps, but also across all the services.

She will address some of the efforts to create broader impact, the obstacles she encountered in the military and in anthropology, and successes and failures.

Dr. Fosher is a socio-cultural anthropologist who focuses on US national security organizations. She is the director of research for Marine Corps University. Her current research examines how the US Marine Corps understands and uses social science research results and expertise.

The lecture will be Wednesday, February 3, 2021, from noon to 2 pm. This is a virtual event. Join the session here at the appropriate time.

The Patuxent Partnership is a sponsor of the lecture with the Center for the Study of Democracy at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Historic St. Mary’s City, and the St. Mary’s College of Anthropology Department.

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