June 19, 2019

Imagine, Invent, Manufacture @ PaxSpace

Mike Cooper PaxMakerSpace
 Mike Cooper PaxMakerSpace

If you can imagine it, PaxSpace can help you invent it and make it.

PaxSpace Inc. in Hollywood, MD, is what MakerSpace.com calls a “community center with tools.” PaxSpace provides the  workspace to work on your favorite projects with other people that enjoy the same activities. And the organization provides training on the tools you need.

With a new, larger location in the Hollywood, MD, industrial park, just north of the St. Mary’s County Airport, PaxSpace provides a unique learning environment. Members and the public have opportunities to learn a new skill, develop a hidden talent, share a skill with others. Classes are free and open to the public, though some may include a small fee to cover material costs.

Workspace and storage is available for members who are now able to empty their garage of difficult to access or little-used equipment, stop the clearing and restoring of a project just because the dining room table is needed, and to avoid embarrassing spills that were promised would never occur.

PaxSpace brings together fellow enthusiasts, inventors, builders, and hobbyists with similar interest and skills, and more importantly with the skill you may lack. PaxSpace allows for projects too big to do on your own and provides a reservoir of knowledge and experience.

And PaxSpace provides tools and equipment too large or even too expensive for individual purchase. Perhaps your home wiring isn’t what you require. And, especially important, PaxSpace provides training to use the equipment properly. There is woodworking and metal working equipment as well as electronics and technology including 3-D printers. An equipment and space list is here.

Frequent open houses and classes make it easy to visit, or schedule a tour. For a quick look around, PaxSpace President Mike Cooper takes you on a quick tour in the video:

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