January 27, 2022

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Hoyer Re-Elected Majority Leader

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The US House of Representatives held elections for its Democratic leadership for the 117th Congress earlier this month. Congressman Steny H. Hoyer was elected by acclamation as majority leader.

“I am honored to have been entrusted with the responsibility of serving my Democratic colleagues as majority leader in the 117th Congress,” Rep. Hoyer (D-MD) said.

He acknowledged that the work ahead will be challenging, “not only because of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impacts but because of the many unmet challenges our nation faced even before this virus hit.”

“House Democrats will continue to advance an agenda of equality, justice, and opportunity for all so that every person in this country can get ahead and Make It In America. We will defend access to affordable health care and work to bring down the cost of prescription drugs,” he said. “We will continue to root out corruption and renew Americans’ faith in government by making it more transparent and accountable. We will meet our responsibility by focusing on making progress in areas that are supported by a majority of the American people and unite our country in pursuit of a better future, such as rebuilding and expanding our nation’s infrastructure to create good jobs, meeting the challenge of the climate crisis, protecting our communities from gun violence, and raising wages that support working families.

The congressman said he is looking forward to working closely with his colleagues from across the Democratic Caucus “to ensure that we stand united behind our principles as Democrats as we seek to forge a new consensus to deliver For the People.”

“I hope Republicans will be open to working with us and will do their part, in the words of President Lincoln, ‘to bind up the nation’s wounds’ as we put the election behind us and turn to the important task of governing. Democrats are ready to partner with President-elect Biden to engage in that work and ensure that the House continues to do its job and do it well,” Mr. Hoyer said.

The majority leader spoke at a November 18 press conference following leadership elections for the 117th Congress.

“We’re not through with the 116th Congress yet, however, but I’m very hopeful that with the speaker’s leadership and hopefully with the cooperation of Senator [Mitch] McConnell and others, we will pass a COVID-19 relief bill prior to December 11. I am very hopeful that we will pass an omnibus that will appropriate for all of the government to stay in operation without any kind of pause, without any kind of shutdown,” Rep. Hoyer said.

Find a transcript of his remarks here.

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