September 21, 2023

Hoyer Marks Black History Month

Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and Congressman Steny H. Hoyer joins the rest of the country in celebrating African-American history and culture.

Congressman Hoyer (D-MD) released a statement in recognition of Black History Month.

“Throughout Black History Month, we celebrate the history, culture, and achievements of Black Americans. I’m proud to join in observing Black History Month and paying tribute to extraordinary leaders who have shaped Black History and American History, making strides for our nation in government, science and research, business, military service, education, the arts and athletics, and in every area of society. I am honored to serve alongside so many inspiring African-American legislators in the Congressional Black Caucus, led by my friend Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, which continues to be the ‘Conscience of the Congress’ and lead our country forward to become the best version of itself and reflect our ideals of democracy, justice, equality, and opportunity for all.

“As we celebrate Black History Month 2022, whose theme is ‘Black Health and Wellness,’ we recognize and celebrate the essential work of Black health care workers in helping our nation confront the COVID-19 pandemic. We also remember the men and women who pioneered medical advances while also facing discrimination and crusading for equality and civil rights. Today, Black doctors and nurses confront a new foe in COVID-19 and the difficult racial disparities that this pandemic has laid bare. Their work saving lives and delivering life-sustaining medical treatments, even in the face of great danger and difficulty, continues to bear witness to their strength, compassion, and courage. This month’s theme also calls upon us to acknowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused such terrible loss of life and more severe disease disproportionately among African-American families and communities. We must ensure that our communities receive equitable access to the life-saving resources and assistance they need to make it through this time of crisis and economic recovery.

“While we work to safeguard our physical health, we must also strive to safeguard the health of our democracy. In 2021, over thirty-four laws restricting voting access were passed in nineteen states. These discriminatory practices effectively disenfranchise millions of African-Americans, and they are transparent attempts to raise arbitrary barriers that prevent eligible citizens from voting. We must act to protect the ability of all Americans to exercise their sacred right to vote, which remains the bedrock of our democracy and our freedom.

“As we honor Black Americans throughout the month of February, House Democrats renew our call for the Senate to take action on legislation to restore the full force of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and protect the right to vote. Led by the Congressional Black Caucus, we will continue working to advance equality and opportunity for Black Americans and ensure that all of our people, regardless of their race, can Make It In America.”

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