July 7, 2022

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Hoyer Leads Working Families Forum

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Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD) hosted a Working Families field forum with special guest Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA), the ranking member of the Committee on Education and the Workforce.

Local elected leaders, policy experts, and workers joined Congressmen Hoyer and Scott in a discussion on the House Democrats’ Working Families Agenda, which includes policy solutions to raise the federal minimum wage, ensure pay equity, and provide paid leave for all workers.

“I was pleased to join Rep. Scott for a field hearing today to explore issues critical to working families in Maryland’s Fifth District and across the country,” Congressman Hoyer said in late June. “Two weeks ago, I traveled to Baltimore to unveil House Democrats’ new Make It In America plan for 2016 and beyond, which aims to help the private sector grow and create good jobs that pay well and offer an on-ramp to the middle class. While there, I noted that helping to create jobs is only part of the work Congress must undertake. It also has a responsibility to help the workers who fill those jobs – and the ones we have now – not just get by, but get ahead. With wages having failed to keep up with the cost of living, and with education and housing costs rising, many still don’t feel that recovery fully in their own lives. That’s why Rep. Scott and I have been working together with other Democrats in Congress to push for a Working Families Agenda that boosts wages, helps workers create a better balance between work and family, and levels the playing field for working families.”

“I thank today’s panelists for joining us today to discuss how we can ensure that working families can get ahead,” continued Congressman Hoyer.

Mr. Hoyer said that Rep. Scott pressures Congress to take positive action while also defending against harmful policies that tell American workers and their families: “you’re on your own.”

“Instead, Congress ought to have their backs as they navigate the changes the 21st-century global economy presents.  That is what Rep. Scott and I will continue to fight for in Washington, because everyone who works hard deserves a chance to make it in America,” Congressman Hoyer said.

“We know that families across the nation are working harder than ever before, but they are still struggling to make ends meet,” Congressman Scott said. “Rather than address the real problems facing working families in our country, this Congress has tried more than 60 times to roll back the Affordable Care Act, repeatedly attempted to block proposals that strengthen workplace protections and benefits, and refused to hold a vote on measures to raise the minimum wage or expand paid leave. In contrast, Maryland has led the way by raising the minimum wage, strengthening protections from pay and pregnancy discrimination, and campaigning for policies to help people balance work and family. Maryland’s success shows what is possible when people come together to raise their voices and demand change.”

The Working Families Agenda would ensure that no matter where they live, every American has the right to a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, should be able to balance work and family responsibilities, and should be protected from invidious discrimination, Rep. Scott said.

“It’s time for Congress to follow Maryland’s lead by getting to work on restoring economic stability for working families,” he said.

Panelists at the forum held in Congressman Hoyer’s 5th District included Maryland state Sen. Susan Lee (D-Dist. 16), Maryland Del. Joseline Peña-Melnyk (D-Dist. 21), Deputy Director of the Job Opportunities Taskforce Melissa Broome, chief economist for the US Department of Labor Dr. Heidi Shierholz, and Donna Edwards, secretary-treasurer of the Maryland AFL-CIO.

The Working Families Agenda is a set of responsible policies that have been introduced in Congress that would strengthen working families and enable them to succeed. The House Democratic Caucus is united behind the Working Families Agenda to:

  • Boost wages by raising the minimum wage, making it possible for workers to bargain for a fair deal at work without being retaliated against, and keeping employers from cheating working people out of their pay by misclassifying them as independent contractors rather than employees
  • Help workers create a better balance between work and family life so that people never have to choose between their income and their health or their children
  • Level the playing field by strengthening protections from discrimination so that all workers have a fair shot at success.
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