June 18, 2019

Hoyer Calls 2013 ‘Year of Do-Nothing Congress’

Posted by Steny H. Hoyer

official800“Today, as the 113th Congress begins its second session, I’m hopeful that Congress can focus on issues important to the Fifth District, including helping working families achieve a secure place in the middle class and supporting the creation of well-paying jobs,” Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-5) said Tuesday. “That’s why I continue to urge my colleagues to take up additional Make It In America bills, many of which enjoy bipartisan support, and to raise the minimum wage.

“Congress also has the responsibility to extend unemployment insurance, which lapsed on December 28th for 1.4 million out-of-work Americans, including 22,900 Marylanders. Each week that goes by without extending this program will mean an additional 1,096 Marylanders will lose this important safety net. We owe it to families in Maryland and across the country to restore benefits as soon as possible.

“I am deeply disappointed that this Congress has been one of the most unproductive in history, and in this second session, we must do better. I’m hopeful that Democrats and Republicans will work together to tackle these issues, and I look forward to getting to work on behalf of families and businesses in Fifth District.”

Earlier, Rep. Hoyer  decried the first session of the 113th Congress as a do-nothing Congress.

With eight days left in the legislative session, 56 bills were signed into law compared to 193 in 2012. See full chart below.

The table below was made with eight legislative days remaining in the year. Here’s a look at the dismal Republican record, and how it compares to recent years:

2013: 132* 2013: 56
2012: 106 2012: 193
2011: 135 2011: 90
2010: 109 2010: 258
2009: 148 2009: 125
*actual days in session, plus the 8 scheduled remaining legislative days


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