May 18, 2024

Two More Furlough Days, Readiness Still Suffers

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DoD cuts furlough days to six, reports Gov Exec, lifting by Aug. 17 what had been an 11-week, 20 percent pay cut for most federal employees. DoD’s budget realignment lifted five furlough days, but can’t eliminate what Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter describes as the loss of readiness caused by sequestration, reports The National Interest. In the face of the loss of DoD funding, the under-secretary for acquisition, technology and logistics calls upon industry to maintain its research and development investments, reports Defense News.

Think tanks continue to see budget solutions in the canceling of the F-35 program, reports Aviation Week. It used to be weather balloons, today small UAVs launched from a Navy research vessel could open the way for improved communications at sea, reports Defence Talk. Breaking Defense says it is the time to crowd source tips for DoD and Intelligence.

After keeping embassies across the Middle East and Africa closed, the U.S. Air Force flew staffers out of Yemen’s capital Tuesday  as further evasive action  in response to al Qaeda terror threats, reports the Washington Times. UK embassy personnel were flown out also, reports the BBC. Also on Tuesday, a pair of armed US drones killed members of al Qaeda just outside the capital, reports Defcon Hill.

Intercepts assesses the field of contenders for the 2016 presidential election and has some warnings for the defense industry about Rand Paul.



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