April 2, 2023

Are You Finally Ready for LASIK?

Posted by Dr. Mark Whitten

Over two million LASIK procedures have been performed worldwide since 1995. And LASIK is the most widely performed elective procedure in the United States today. Technology and results from the procedure are better than ever. The procedure itself is very quick. The actual laser time for each eye is only about 15 seconds and your time at the laser center is less than 30 minutes. Most patients say there is little or no pain during the procedure, and they are back to their normal activities the following day.

Maybe you have been interested in having LASIK for years. You know many people who have had the procedure and who love their results. Many people have fears or misconceptions about LASIK that hold them back from moving forward with this life changing surgery.

Astigmatism. Many patients still think that LASIK will not help their astigmatism, but for many years we have been effectively treating this along with nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Severe Nearsightedness. Some patients think their eyesight is too bad to correct with LASIK. Tiger Woods could not even see the ball on the golf tee before he has his LASIK procedure. Today, he has 20/20 vision. While there are many factors a surgeon will consider while evaluating you as a good candidate for LASIK surgery, having a severe correction need not rule you out.

Affordability. Potential patients are always concerned about the cost of LASIK and how they will be able to afford the procedure. Good news for those having their procedure in Southern Maryland is that they can experience pricing as much as 40% below that in the Washington DC Metro Area or Annapolis. And this is for the latest All-Laser, Customized LASIK with a highly experienced surgeon. Ask about 0% financing options to spread your payments out over time. Using your flex-spending or health-savings account can provide an additional 20%-30% tax-free savings. Ask about special discounts, such as for active-duty and retired military, plus their families. When you consider the money you spend on contacts and glasses, you can quickly calculate that in the long run LASIK is a good investment. In addition to the pure convenience and lifestyle freedom, which is priceless.

Age. A good candidate for LASIK is at least 18 years old with a stable prescription for one year. Many parents, who have experienced their own life changing vision surgery, are giving the procedure as a gift to their children for birthdays, graduations and holidays. Patients under 30 years old are the fastest growing group of LASIK patients.

Results. Laser vision correction has been performed since the late 1980s, first beginning with PRK and then LASIK. A recent survey of patients who had LASIK beginning in 1995 showed that the majority believed that LASIK improved their overall quality of life and would recommend the procedure to others.

LASIK is a surgical procedure and results can vary so be sure to discuss your individual expectations. Read the informed consent and discuss all risks and consequences with your surgeon. The most important decision you can make is your choice of surgeon. Choosing a surgeon who has years of experience and has performed tens of thousands of LASIK procedures can improve your chances of having the best outcome. Look for a surgeon who will meet with you personally before the procedure and discuss all your expectations.

It’s normal to feel both excited and nervous as you prepare for your procedure. Ask questions. Read about the procedure. Talk to former patients. State-of-the-art technology advancement, in the hands of an experienced surgeon, has made the LASIK procedure better than it has ever been. A well-educated patient can enjoy the vision of a lifetime, for a lifetime with LASIK.

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