July 14, 2024

Few Details Released About US Force to Iraq

U.S. Marine photo/Sgt. Brian Kester, some rights reserved.

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A small, aggressive, intelligence-gathering, expeditionary force, focused on capturing and killing ISIL leaders, is heading to Iraq, but no further details or schedules are being offered by DoD on the new commando force  President Barack Obama is dispatching, reports Military.com.

A minor change with a major impact is coming to the aluminum, military “dog tags,” UPI reports,  Social Security numbers will be replaced with a DoD identification number.

With the signing in November of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, military working dogs that retire overseas, can now return home with their handlers, reports Military.com, instead of being left behind.

For the third time the Navy names a ship for President Andrew Jackson, drawing public criticism, including from the president of the Connecticut NAACP who described the former president as “a big time slave-master.” Native Americans have also protested the honoring of the President Jackson whose administration cast Native Americans out of the South on a harrowing migration known as the Trail of Tears, reports CNN.

The New York Times reports, 195 nations reached accord in France to lower greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change.

Beijing residents ask how a deterioration in air quality can be reversed and how city officials can avoid “red alerts” of pollution so heavy it curtails daily life in the nation’s capital. Bloomberg reports small coal-burning furnaces in northern China plus vehicle emissions are the main culprits.

CNN predicts record setting warmth for much of the US.

Navy extends its winning streak over Army to 14 in Saturday’s rivalry game in Philadelphia, reports Military.com.

CNN tries to explain a “brokered convention” as Republicans consider what comes next if the currently crowded field of candidates fails to provide a clear winner out of this primary season.

In the face of more suggestions than expected, Treasury is delaying a decision to next year on  which American woman to feature on the $10 bill. The new design is due out in 2020 for the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, reports Bloomberg.

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