July 14, 2024

Collaboration Makes the Design Work for You

 Posted for Traditions of Loveville
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The relationship between client and designer is based on communication. This can start with a spark over a cup of coffee discussing a great piece of art, a rug, or recent inspiration from a magazine.

It is all about an open line of communication, like girlfriends sharing dreams and ideas over a bottle of wine.

In one of Traditions of Loveville’s recent design projects, the client brought a wish list of how she wanted the spaced to be used, how she wanted it to look and how much she wanted to finally spend.

The goal for this project was to maintain a stylish and functional sunroom for a busy family of six.

She and a Traditions designer collaborated to find the perfect paint selection, room layout, furniture and lighting.

Together, designer and client kept an open mind and created a space that worked perfectly for this family on the go.

In the end, not only did we at Traditions have a happy client, but a new friend.

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