June 16, 2024

Chemical Weapons Ship Making Ready in Norfolk

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Unable to find a host country, the US will destroy Syria’s most lethal chemical weapons at sea, reports The Hill. The civilian transport vessel, the

MV Cape Ray; Photo from US Maritime Administration

MV Cape Ray; Photo from US Maritime Administration

MV Cape Ray, is being rigged with a hydrolysis system at the Navy shipyard in Norfolk, VA, to assure the weapons are safely destroyed.

Stars and Stripes reports two P-8A Poseidon aircraft have arrived in Okinawa, about a week after China claimed a segment of the airspace above a contested portion of the East China Sea. Another four P-8s will follow in the upcoming weeks.

The 7th Fleet never left the Pacific and boasts the benefit of the US pivot toward Asia, reports CNN Security Clearance from the deck of the USS George Washington in the East China Sea.

About 5,000 Pakistanis protested US drone strikes in their country this week. The rally was organized by a coalition of about 40 religious and political groups including an organization deemed terrorist by the United Nations and the US, reports Defence Talk.

The United Nations is sending its fleet of Falco surveillance drones into Congo to monitor the movement of armed groups, reports Defense Tech. The UN’s peacekeeping division in January chose the Falco unmanned surveillance aircraft, produced by Italian firm Selex ES.

The Australian Department of Defense awarded a $1 million grant to Quickstep Holdings, an Australian composite manufacturer,  to develop its patented Quickstep Process as an alternative to the JSF program’s standard curing technology. If successful in qualifying for JSF work, Quickstep plans to develop a better and cheaper alternative and then to develop entire wing structures for next‐generation commercial aircraft, reports Proactive Investors Australia.

Reducing the buy from 60 to 40 F-35s gave Lockheed Martin the final nod to fill South Korea’s need for stealthy jet fighters, but Boeing has not given up pushing its Silent Eagle for the other 20 aircraft, reports Aviation Week.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a camera capable of returning 3-D images in near-total darkness, reports DefenseTech. Similar to surveyors’ scanner equipment which calculates the time it takes a reflected photon to return to the scanner, the MIT camera fires a pulse at a given location until a single reflected photon is recorded by a detector, each illuminated spot results in a pixel in the image.

In its fourth year, Seizure Sunday is spreading a new Thanksgiving tradition, pouncing one day in advance of the Cyber Monday online shopping spree, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency in cooperation with 10 foreign law enforcement agencies seized 706 domains operating as bogus online shopping sites, some selling counterfeit goods, reports NextGov.

The best and the brightest at DoD are not seeking the critical data needed to make realistic budget adjustments, says the head of the Professional Services Council  in Washington Technology. Unbalanced assessments of cost savings between contractors and in-house work as well as increasing  obstacles to commercial-military research and development are among the weak processes Stan Soloway cites.

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