May 30, 2020

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Career Options Laid Out by CSM Team

career options
Health profession students at Calvert Career and Technology Academy in Prince Frederick gather after learning about health care training available at the College of Southern Maryland.

College of Southern Maryland’s Continuing Education Workforce Development team helped scores of Calvert Career and Technology Academy students learn more about their career options at the academy in Prince Frederick on Sept. 21, 2017.

The team made presentations at the academy for students studying IT, cybersecurity, and health care programs. Altogether, 66 students participated in the presentations.

“As I shared information with the students about becoming a phlebotomy technician and medical billing and coding, they gave their full attention and participated in the activity. It was exciting and rewarding,” said CSM Course Manager for Continuing Education Health Care Courses Jill Lassiter. “The students represent not only our future caregivers but our current climate of positive, focused, and mature youth.”

Ms. Lassiter performed a role-playing session with students, taking them through the process of what it means to be a professional medical biller and coder.

career options

CSM Course Manager for Continuing Education Health Care Courses Jill Lassiter presents information about medical billing and coding to Calvert Career and Technology Health Profession students.

CSM Program Coordinator Paula Coluzzi worked with IT and cybersecurity students at the academy, discussing how to prepare for certifications, jobs that are available in their field, and the shortage of workforce-ready candidates to fill jobs in the cyber field.

Jennifer Rachic, MSN RN, an academy Health Professions teacher, thanked the college team for sharing with her students. “My students had a blast,” Mrs. Rachic said. “I thought the presentation was relevant, interactive, and extremely engaging. We loved the presenter. My students had nothing but positive things to say and many are looking into the phlebotomy course as a result of the presentation.”

Students who attend the academy get a head start on college and careers in high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand jobs. Instructors are professionals in their industries, teaching with up-to-date technology and equipment.

“The passion Mrs. Rachic and Mrs. [Kathy] Augustine, have for their students is evidenced by their interactions with them,” Ms. Lassiter said. “It’s an awesome phenomenon that should be the rule not the exception with our youth.”

After two presentations and a full day of valuable interaction, Ms. Lassiter noted the value of the relationship between the college and the academy. “The Continuing Education and Workforce Development division at the College of Southern Maryland can be an integral part of these students’ futures because we have tools for their success. We can give the students options to further their education that they may not have thought of or even knew were available to them.”

For information on non-credit continuing education offerings at CSM, visit the college’s website.

For more about the College of Southern Maryland, visit its Leader member page.

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