May 24, 2024

Can Network Virtualization Improve Readiness?

network virtualization

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Morning Coffee logoDefense Systems commentary describes network virtualization, how it can improve military readiness, and where it is already working in the military.

A Republican defense bill heads toward a Presidential veto, The Hill reports on the likely pathway the bill will take in the next few weeks.

Proponents cast a Republican supported personnel bill aimed at Veterans Affairs as a vote for veterans over bureaucrats. GovExec reports the bill would strip civil servants of some job security protections.

GovExec introduces Beth Cobert, acting director of the Office of Personnel Management, herself a victim of the data hack that landed her the job.

F-35s are becoming increasingly central to the military’s live training exercises, Defense Tech reports on the first F-35A to provide close air support to ground troops in the Air Force’s recent Green Flag exercises.

A second Tu-95 bomber incident grounds the Russian bomber, reports The Aviationist.

The Iran deal is cast, Defense One describes the enforcement technology; its feats and challenges.

Self-charging cell phones are a reality, reports Technology Review.

Visit them again on USA Today, the images from Pluto. And Aviation Week tells the tale of the mission.

July 14,2015 was the day the last snow melted in Boston, reports Today News.

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