June 21, 2024

Thanks to Burch Oil Drivers, A Pedestrian’s Favorites

Posted for Burchoil, Pax II
By Viki Volk

I have three times called Sonny Burch first thing in the morning to report extraordinary and exceptional courtesy of Burchoil’s drivers.

No disrespect intended to any and all the other utilities and suppliers. Mostly you’re all doing fine. But I’m a cranky walker, a consummate pedestrian since childhood, experienced in rural, suburban and urban walking in three states and acquainted with scores more. I award a single company with a 100 percent non-threatening record of pedestrian deference.


“It’s the people we hire for behind the wheel of the truck,” says Sheri Burch Norris.


No doubt the global positioning service in today’s service trucks that informs drivers where next to stop can also report back mileage, time and speed. That’s not what I’m talking about. There was likely a far less sophisticated tracking system in place the quarter-century ago  I began walking the narrow roads of St. George Island, with a baby stroller, emphasize, narrow.

It’s not just that Burch drivers in those huge trucks don’t speed. Not just that they drive safely. It’s that they also, and always, make clear to me that they see me on the road.

Today two different sized, spoiled dogs on retractable leashes accompany me on these narrow roads with marsh ditches instead of shoulders.  Thanks to all the drivers who slow down in acknowledgement of me, to those making enough eye contact to assure me I remain seen and to those who don’t need to gun their exhaust at me in their wake. Thanks to all of you. But in particular, thanks to every single Burch driver who has always done exactly this. Great job.


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