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An Interview with Robbie Loker

robbie loker
Posted for Primary Residential Mortgage Inc.

Robbie Loker worked in state government more than 25 years when she realized that she wanted to change directions. At first she did not quite know what her new direction would be, but soon she realized the right path for her was to work for Primary Residential Mortgage Inc., where she is now considered one of Southern Maryland’s foremost experts in reverse mortgages.

When she started this new adventure more than 10 years ago, Ms. Loker had moments when she was sure she had made a good choice, but other times she wondered what she had gotten herself into. She doesn’t wonder anymore. Or if she does, she plays the voice mail she shares on this video to pop her back to reality.

Recently, Ms. Loker was interviewed by Erin Lewis, a Dream Queen with the Dream Queen Association. According to its website, this association was created in 2012 to connect positive, passionate, purpose-filled women to each other. It strives to create a meeting place for women to inspire one another. The interview was posted on the association’s website, along with the stories of many women who have faced adversity and found strength and passion to create better lives.

Ms. Loker’s interview details the journey she took from her government career into reverse mortgages and Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. and shares a bit of the wisdom she has gained in her life and career and offers some advice on how women can follow their dreams as well. When asked what specific advice she would give to other women, Ms. Loker said, we should all keep our eyes open for new adventures.

“Sometimes opportunities pop up at the darnedest times and places. Seize the opportunity.”

Read the full interview on the Dream Queen website. Learn more about Dream Queen Erin Lewis on her page here.

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