November 29, 2022

Three Oaks Center

The center is dedicated to helping homeless individuals and families transition from a state of dependence to self-reliance.

With and without any housing subsidy, low-income renters are continually confronted with the difficulty of choosing between the necessities of food, utilities, medicine, or rent. Three Oaks Center believes that homelessness can be prevented by helping people to “remain housed.” That is why the center has operated a homelessness prevention program since 2001, supplying groceries from a food pantry, as well as rental assistance and utility assistance.

Providing supplemental food not only increases nutritional levels, but allows people to save their financial resources for other requirements. Likewise, assisting with one utility bill or one month’s rent is cost effective compared to the price of an eviction.

In St. Mary’s County, there are few affordable housing units, and the fair market rents are high, which makes re-housing both difficult and expensive. Additionally, losing one’s home has a devastating emotional impact on every family member and might cause added problems such as unemployment, lost school time, malnutrition, or illness.

The center’s prevention program helps families and seniors with the necessary assistance to retain their housing through a short-term crisis, and it does this at a significantly reduced cost when compared to re-housing or supporting a family in a shelter.

Three Oaks Center provides clients with food, shelter, guidance, and counseling while they strive to meet personal goals that will enable them to return to a life of independence.

Three Oaks is supported by many local non-profit agencies that provide clients with a full range of counseling and self-improvement resources. The center has the capacity to serve individuals and families in our emergency and transitional programs, both in its on-site facility and at off-site apartments and homes. The center recently began an emergency crisis component to our work with homeless women that provides immediate assistance with basic needs and counseling.

Phone: 301-863-9535 Ext. 102-Programs; Ext. 108-Admin.

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