May 18, 2024

Searching for Lexington Park Leaders

St. Mary’s County government has launched another attempt to staunch and resolve declining property values and community interest in Lexington Park.

Bless their souls, but zoning alone just isn’t going to do it.


The Lexington Park Leader

– a new on-line magazine –

committed to full revitalization of Lexington Park


To begin:       The Lexington Park Leader needs Lexington Park Leaders

  • To open Monday’s morning post and direct that week’s content.
  • Comments are monitored according to a strict civility policy.

To build  a network of content:

  • Report, post, map Lexington Park Master Plan Update process
  • Link with content and ads to Lex Park agencies and businesses

To gain readership:

  • Original, in-depth military and contracting coverage
  • Pentagon news impacting Patuxent River NAS

To sustain:   A growing network, combined with daily, original content will move The Lexington Park Leader (and all of its Affiliate Leaders) higher on Internet Search Engines. This greater visibility for all broadens advertising sources, increases rates and buoys on-line marketing services.