September 22, 2023

Post It

For a few weeks now government, community and business leaders of Lexington Park have been scratching their heads and muttering that worn out song, “How do you get citizens to public decision-making meetings?”

It seems a natural enough thing for any citizen to desire: an opportunity to speak one’s mind.

But the retort seems natural as well: “Like anyone is listening.” Followed by the responsorial refrain: Disillusionment. Disenfranchisement. Disdain. Indeed, a culture of dissing any established anything.

Hmmmmm. Anyone else cringing at that echo of the Baby Boomer warcries of the 60s and 70s?

We’ve landed in a culture of bad moods, ticked-off at the disagreeable something, everything, that put us here. We blame all sides, shapes and stripes of government, corporations, immigration, minorities, majorities. We blame ourselves, too worn out after a day of working, errands, child care, parent care, school,  meals to fix, lawns to mow.

Do we need a 12 steps program to immerse us in participatory democracy? Tough love? A rude awakening? A  comeuppance?

We need to seize the modern tools at hand: Post Here!

The Lexington Park Leader would love to host a conversation about how we want the center of our community to look. Warning: There is a delay for posting in The Leader — we accept anonymous postings but reject rude postings. So if  you can’t say it politely, go sit by Dorothy Parker, but don’t post here.

Posts are also encouraged in the Lexington Park Development District Master Plan Update group on Facebook.

Even the consultant directing the community’s creation of a Lexington Park plan has a  Facebook page.

Post it.  Stake claim.