April 13, 2024

New Features on The Leader

Image courtesy of David Reece.

You may have noticed some changes around here. Yup, we’ve added a top bar introducing our partners, but there’s more.

That top bar links to a page listing all of our partners who will be bringing ideas and content to the Leader and its social networks. Check them out. Go to their web sites. Get to know them!

There are also a few new resources for readers on our left hand bar:

  • The EUL Timeline is a chronological account of the progress of the Navy’s Enhanced Use Lease program over the last two years and its attempt to lease land at Naval Air Station Patuxent River to private developers to build office buildings.
  • Park History is exactly that. The page includes a chronological history¬† of the Lexington Park, Maryland and its relationship with Pax River as well as a few facts about how the Park’s roads were named.
  • Finally, check out our listing of Park Churches to find a house of worship that suits you.