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Leadership Southern Maryland


new logoGraduates of Leadership Maryland planned and launched a new leadership program in 2008, to enhance the regional identity of Southern Maryland’s three counties and to build a cadre of well-informed and connected regional leaders.

Tom Jarboe, owner of Kieyos, Inc., spearheaded a group of Leadership Maryland alumni from Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties to initiate the planning process that became Leadership Southern Maryland.  The group consisted of strong leaders within their own communities who recognized the benefit in offering such an eye-opening and skill-building experience – regionally.

For the past seven years, Leadership Southern Maryland (LSM) has identified leaders in the region and provided a program that presents and discusses the current issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties.

The LSM Executive Program has graduated more than 240 leaders around the region, representing private, public, education, and nonprofit sectors.  All LSM alumni serve the nonprofit community in some volunteer capacity, such as board membership, task forces, and committees.

By being better informed about these varied, interconnected and often conflicting key issues, LSM graduates are prepared and encouraged to accept critical leadership positions.

Leadership Southern Maryland is a nine-month, tuition-based program (nine sessions with a break in December) to develop leaders from the Southern Maryland area for regional collaboration by:

  • Nurturing trusteeship among community leaders for the benefit of the Southern Maryland region
  • Increasing understanding and awareness of regional opportunities and threats
  • Developing and strengthening networks of decision-makers to encourage cooperation and make informed choices
  • Leading candidates through a series of classes and hands-on experiences that highlight local and regional issues

While absorbing the local “flavor” in each of three counties, participants will have the opportunity to broaden their perspectives on a number of the most significant issues challenging our region.

Each class reflects a cross-section of the region to include diversity of geographic location, profession, ethnicity, age, and gender. Participants will be mid- to upper-tier leaders who have demonstrated aptitude and ability to become senior-level leaders, as well as senior-level leaders new to the area and who exemplify a sincere concern and commitment to help shape the future of Southern Maryland.



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