July 6, 2022

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Hoyer: Jobs Report Shows Impact of Rescue Plan


Congressman Steny H. Hoyer said the 2021 March jobs report shows the impact of the swift action taken by Democrats to enact the American Rescue Plan to end the pandemic and reopen the country’s economy safely.

“With that bold package signed into law last month, vaccinations are ramping up and needed assistance is being sent to American families,” Rep. Hoyer (D-MD) said. “However, that was only the first step. Millions of Americans remain out of work, and more must be done to return people to the workforce. That’s why President Biden has proposed a major infrastructure package to boost economic growth and create opportunities for millions of American workers and entrepreneurs to get ahead and make it in America.

The US Labor Department released the March 2021 report on Friday. It showed 916,000 new jobs, “including gains in leisure and hospitality and public and private education, industries in which women are overrepresented. The unemployment rate dropped slightly, from 6.2% to 6.0%.

“In the months ahead, the Democratic-led Congress will work closely with President Biden and Vice President Harris to make the American Jobs Plan a reality, and I hope we can do so in a bipartisan way,” he said.

The job-creating investments in infrastructure included in the plan have long been supported by both parties and by large majorities of the American people.

“I look forward to continuing the work of building our economy back stronger in 2021 as we begin to turn the page on this deadly pandemic and embrace the vision of a better future we can surely make possible if we work together,” Mr. Hoyer said.

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