July 7, 2022

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Did you get your invite to the Sausage Making?

Lots of the 30,000 folks living in the Lexington Park Development District don’t know it. They think they live in California or in Wildewood. They think anything with Lexington Park in its name consists of that hunk of Great Mills Road they avoid.

Probably most of the 22,000 workers connected to the Patuxent River Naval Air Station didn’t know it either. But they, too, are invited to the Kick-Off of the Lexington Park Development District Plan Update.

What the Lexington Park Development District actually means is:  Affiliation with any neighborhood or service located within Lexington Park, Great Mills, California, the Patuxent River Naval Air Station and probably Park Hall as well. Let’s just accept that, if a mishap at work, transport, rest or play could land us face to face with a Bay District firefighter or EMT, we’re a Bay-Districter.

And while we’re at it, what about this Plan Update? In every-day speak, perhaps Wish List comes the closest to what these ultimate documents are. But for the sake of this Kick-Off, in this particular instance, it means answering this question: What needs to happen for the full Bay District to prosper?

Maybe more would show to kick-off the Bay District’s Prosperity Plan 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Bay District Volunteer Fire Department

A gaggle of well-intended government-funded planners are hosting the gig. They will get to talk first. They will have a lot of numbers and facts and observations about some pretty obvious stuff such as:

  • Traffic stands still down 235 across the Thomas Johnson Bridge 4-5:30 pm.
  • Many of the region’s poor people live just outside Gate 2.
  • To go from San Souci Plaza to St. Mary’s Square you have to pass the Navy base.

Then there will be a bathroom break. Everyone who returns  can then tell the gaggle their own ideas for spreading prosperity throughout all of Bay District.This would be a good time to do this. This is the time to stake claim.

Ultimately the gaggle will homogenize the statistics and ideas into mission statements and drawings of what could be done to fulfill these wants and needs. There will be more meetings. There will then be a plan filled with visions and suggestions about how to reach them. These notions ultimately reduce into zoning rules designed to materialize the vision when money is  invested.

Clearly this is sausage making, but nevertheless pretty elegant participatory sausage making in a democratic, capitalist state.  Love it or leave it, for the here and the now, it’s the system in place. Long live sausage making.

 Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Bay District Volunteer Fire Department

Be there. Stake claim.


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