May 18, 2022

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Calling All Primary Candidates

By Viki Volk

I am a freshly minted St. Mary’s County Republican voter advocating others join me to vote in the July 19 Primary Election which will elect nine of 13 local office holders – such as Sheriff, State’s Attorney, Commissioner. These primary winners will face no challengers in the General Election in November. The Republican Primary is the deciding election.

Seeking to educate myself, and other interested voters, LexLeader is inviting all candidates facing a primary challenge to submit a post to LexLeader.NET about why they are the best choice for the office they seek.

We included the two state Delegate races with primaries and 11 of the local office races. St. Mary’s County Treasurer and Register of Wills face no challengers, remaining in office through 2026. In all, 26 St. Mary’s County Republicans are facing off in 10 primary races and two Democrats in a single Delegate primary. The candidates and their contact information can be found here.

The Lexington Park Leader is not a news gathering publication, but a booster publication. We market to and inform the far-reaching NAVAIR community, which includes the largest voting bloc in St. Mary’s County. We asked candidates to address the needs of Lexington Park but didn’t make that a requirement. The Candidate Posts will be fully from them. We edit to LexLeader’s style.

We do require everything in The Leader be courteous. Every article and comment submitted to LexLeader.NET is reviewed. Nothing posts immediately, including comments. Content courtesy is determined by me, the Publisher/Owner.

After the Primary, candidates in the six contested races in the Nov. 8, 2022, General Election will also be offered a Candidate Post in LexLeader.NET.

Other than Candidate Posts, everything else on LexLeader regarding a candidate should be considered paid advertising.

Comments will not be accepted on Candidate Posts. Candidates’ contact information is available at the link above. We’ve asked candidates to include their preferred contact information in their Candidate Post. Please contact them directly with questions or comments.

Comments on my Posts will be reviewed and posted if courteous and germane.

Numerous news outlets serve St. Mary’s County, report on candidates and elections, and host debate. LexLeader won’t be doing that. My posts attempt to explain how the lopsidedness in candidates’ party affiliation has shut out as much as 60% of St. Mary’s registered voters. I hope to offer a little insider baseball and proffer strategic voting advice for newly minted Republicans.

“Register to Vote: Republican” posted May 11 and advocates voting in the Republican Primary to have a choice in who is elected to the offices most responsible for our immediate health, safety, and welfare. This does not bind you to voting Republican in the General Election.

“The State of Delegates and Senator” is posting next week and describes two hot primaries and the significant change the 2022 redistricting made of the historical boundaries of St. Mary’s middle and southern legislative districts.

This post is part of a LexLeader series about the upcoming July 19, 2022, Maryland Primary Election. Voters who are registered Republicans by June 28, 2022, can vote for candidates seeking election to one of 15 locally elected offices in St. Mary’s County. Nine of those offices will be decided in the July 19, 2022, Republican Primary. Two-thirds of St. Mary’s County voters in the November General Election will have local choices in only five offices and in the northern third only four.

If you wish to vote in the Maryland July 19, 2022, Republican Primary you can register here. This does not obligate you to anything. You can change you voter affiliation again after the Primary Election. You do not have to vote the same in the General Election as in the Primary.

2 Responses to “Calling All Primary Candidates”
  1. Vernon Gray says:

    I do not recall you lamenting the lopsidedness of elections many years ago when so many elections were decided in the Democratic Party’s primary elections.
    I have observed that election news coverage, especially candidates’ interviews. has not been as well done since you left The Enterprise. You were tough but fair.

  2. Publisher says:

    Hey Vernon, Hi!
    Actually I affiliated Democrat after I moved here because of this identical reason !!
    And thank you so much for vouching for my fairness!

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