Morning Coffee: DOD Budget Cuts Vs. Capability

aircraft carrier

How the Navy can find a balance between developing effective future capabilities while absorbing ongoing budget cuts.

Americans Rank Military Top Contributor to Society’s Well-being

Atlas robot cropped

The Atlas robot reports in to Robotics Challenge, Pax team designed safer flight deck uniforms, international cyber discussions expand but legislatively US cybersecurity looks to weaken.

HASC Begin Mark-ups, Says No to UCAS Fund Transfers

X-47B UCAS-D on USS Truman

House Armed Services Committee budget mark-ups reject base closures despite think tanks’ advice. DoD budget shortfalls cannot be covered from UCAS funds.

Unmanned Strike Drone Begins Testing on USS Truman

X-47B on the USS Truman

The Navy begins testing how the X-47B UCAS-D will integrate with aircraft carriers.

Smaller Military, More Drones Under Re-elected Obama

Barack Obama

Re-election solidifies the national security priorities of the president.

NAWCAD Commander Addresses Pax Force Reductions

Rear Adm. Randy Mahr

Rear Adm. Randy Mahr says layoffs will continue at Pax River.

Shannon Greets UCAS-D

UCAS Shannon vid

Rear Adm. Shannon, head of PEO (U&W), welcomes the X-47B drone to Pax River.

Fixing Broken Networks

RADM Dunaway

Rear Adm. Dunaway says Navy’s airborne networks need better compatibility.

JSF to Jam and Swarm?

Two F-35Bs operate at sea on USS Wasp (LHD 1) Oct. 16 as part of inital sea trials. Wasp headed back toward homeport Oct. 21 after spending three weeks at sea hosting the F-35B Lightning II, Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). (Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin)

Speculation abounds for future of the JSF platform.

X-47B Arrives at Pax

X-47B arrives

The X-47B arrived at Pax River after a cross-country trip from Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.