Morning Coffee: DoD Specifies Sequestration Cuts

meaningless money chart

Continued personnel reductions across the military, 17 fewer F-35 Joint Strike Fighters and six fewer P-8A aircraft define the FY16 budget.

Morning Coffee: Triton is Ultimate Search Tool

Triton - US Navy

The Navy has the perfect search tool, the MQ-4C Triton drone, for looking for Malaysian Air Flight 370 but it is not yet operational.

Full Fiscal 2014 DoD Funding Possible


A full fiscal 2014 Pentagon spending bill will be included in a compromise measure that must pass before next Tuesday night to avert a gov. shutdown.

Pax River Tricare Center to Close

Waring-Ahearn health insurance

Tricare healthcare center to close in the spring due to cost cutting effort. Face-to-face services will be replaced by toll-free phone and online access.

Obama Exempts Military Personnel Programs from Cuts

White House

White House makes its latest tactical move in showdown with Congress over sequestration.

Pax River Almost Lost Its Security Card Machines

CAC card

Rear Adm. Mahr praises technicians for saving the base’s only two CAC encoding machines.

Poseidon Gets Bold

p-8a poseidon flutter test

P-8A Poseidon makes its debut in Navy’s “Bold Alligator” training operation.

Is BRAC a Bluff?

Photo by Jingles the Pirate

Another round of base closures, or just Washington Monument Syndrome?

Finally, Good F-35B News

Photo by John Douglass

It’s official, the program is off probation and has Pentagon backing.

Wind Turbines Find Support

offshore wind turbines

Pax River reaches compromise with Somerset County officials.