February 7, 2016

US Slow to Fit Weaponry to Stealth Fighters


Europe leads the US in developing weaponry to fit stealth fighters. Current weapons are too large.

Ft. Meade Procurement Successes Sought


Howard County’s successful Base Business Initiative put out a call this month for successful government procurement stories.

F-35 Completes Flight Test Milestones

F-35B JSF first production at Pax

Stealthy fighter successful in three separate flight tests including air-to-air combat capability.

Morning Coffee: US Seeks Cyber Transparency With China


DefSec Hagel in China to avert the escalating possibility of crippling cyber attacks and counterattacks between the United States and China.

Morning Coffee: Cyber Confirmation Hearings Begin

VADM Rogers_uncover-001

Edward Snowden appears via satellite the day before Congress launches confirmation hearings on VADM Michael Rogers to lead NSA & US Cyber Command

Morning Coffee: Nuclear Cheating Expands to Navy

Rear Adm John Richardson

Adm. John Richardson, director of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, said of 16,000 sailors in the program, less than one percent are involved, and no students.

Morning Coffee: Navy Cryptologist Likely to Lead NSA

VADM Michael Rogers

VADM Michael S. Rogers has long been seen as a likely candidate to lead NSA and the Pentagon’s cyberwarfare organization.

NSA Monitoring Changes Pose Immediate Challenges


The president’s announced curbs on NSA data collection require complex and speedy action, prompting skepticism about how deep changes will or can be.

Maryland Offshore Wind Farm Leases to be Auctioned

Eastern Shore wind energy

Federal officials announced wind energy development leases would be offered for 80,000 acres at least 10 nautical miles off Ocean City late next year.

Snowden: NSA Spy Mission “Collapsing”


In a recent letter to “the people of Brazil” NSA leaker Edward Snowden offered to help that nation investigate alleged American spying but would require Brazil to provide political asylum because the US “government will continue to interfere with my ability to speak.”