February 8, 2016

NAWCAD Hosts King Event Jan. 14

martin luther king

Local resident Jan Nave Barnes will share her family’s unique history with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement, Jan 14, 2016, 10 am to noon at Center Stage Theater at Pax River, MD

JSF Could Be ‘Biggest White Elephants in History’


In a scathing report of cost overruns and delays of the JSF, a former UK defense official says the fighter jet is already a white elephant.

Two Marine Hornets Land in Taiwan


No injuries, no damages, just a precautionary measure on a routine mission, the Marines Corps says, the fighter jets will leave Taiwan when maintenance is complete..

JSF Gun on Schedule says DoD

F-35B JSF 200th flight

“Misreporting” is to blame for claims that the JSF gun would not be ready on schedule, in 2017, says a Pentagon spokesman. Testing begins this year.

F-35 Fire ‘Isolated Incident,’ DoD Says

F-35 straight on

Redesign or part replacement not contemplated in securing airworthiness of F-35s.

DoD Needs BRAC to Shed Excess Infrastructure


The 2005 BRAC process shed half of an identified 25% excess infrastructure at military installations. Pentagon officials struggling with shrinking budgets say the percentage is larger now and seek another realignment.

Budget Discussions Include Delaying JSF, Ending Fair-Share

F-35 JSF helmet

Congressmen seek end of equal allocations among military branches, call for re-balancing through strategic planning. The Reserves might not survive.

Good JSF Departure Test as Budget Battles Loom

F-35 transonic

Sexual assault expected to drag into Congressional discussions of Defense budget authorization.

Budget Win for Pax? Waiting Win for China? No Change in N. Korea.

F/A-18C Hornet launches from the flight deck aboard USS Kitty Hawk over the China Sea

A bevy of reports released late last week provide some hopeful budget news for Pax River, but military and cyber warnings from almost everywhere else.

Bill Would Protect “Essential” Jobs from Furloughs

US Capitol

Legislation would give execs ability to keep some employees on the job during sequestration trimming.