Morning Coffee: Human Toll of Military Layoffs

soldier paperwork

Job-security concerns may compound pressures already producing record behavioral and physical health issues.

Full Fiscal 2014 DoD Funding Possible


A full fiscal 2014 Pentagon spending bill will be included in a compromise measure that must pass before next Tuesday night to avert a gov. shutdown.

More Relevance, Collaboration Needed in Acquisition Process

PEO U&W Portfolio

Pax River’s program executive officer for unmanned aviation and strike weapons says it’s a new world and briefed contractors on how to succeed in it.

China Steps Up UAV Development

china flag 2

Observers surprised at China’s speed, legislators crave drone jobs for constituents.

Training Grounds for Drones

Fire Scout at Pax

Pax River needs to become a Center for UAV Integration.

K-MAX Heads to Afghanistan

Kmax helicopter

Experimental unmanned copter to ferry cargo in difficult terrain.