February 13, 2016

Navy Unmanned Weapon Systems Gets Director

RADM Robert P. Girrier

Navy names RADM Robert P. Girrier its first director of unmanned weapon systems,

NDAA Deal Reduces Benefits


The pay and benefits cuts were backed by both the DoD and White House in an effort to slow the growth of personnel costs.

Who Will Take Hagel’s Job?

KRYPTOS SculptureFront

First Jack Reed, now Michèle Flournoy say they don’t wish to be considered for Secretary of Defense, leaving Deputy Defense Minister Bob Work and his predecessor, Ash Carter still in the running.

Hagel Pushes BRAC and Benefit Cuts


Mr. Hagel wants a new round of military base closures (BRAC) and to limit troop benefits to give the DoD flexibility in addressing its budget problems.

Canada Wavering on F-35 Buy


If Canada doesn’t join the F-35 JSF program it may negatively affect the long-term affordability of the F-35 for all participants.

K-MAX Crash Details


A report determined that the crash was preventable and occurred because the K-MAX pilots did not react quickly enough when it experienced unexpected wind.

Defining the Future of K-MAX


NAVAIR is now working with the Marine Corps on formal requirements and new concepts of K-MAX operations.

Senate Appropriations Panel Giveth and Taketh Away

US Capitol

Morning Coffee is a robust blend of links to news around the internet concerning the Naval Air Station Patuxent River economic community. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the Leader’s owners or staff. A Senate panel on Tuesday approved nearly $550 billion in military spending as part of a bill that would keep alive weapon systems the Pentagon wanted to retire, Navy Times reports. The chamber’s Appropriations Defense subcommittee unanimously approved legislation that would give the Pentagon $489.6 billion in base spending and $58.3 billion in war funding. It would block a long list of weapon…

Congress Resists Personnel Benefit Cuts

house on money

The Joint Chiefs and DefSec Hagel say personnel cost cuts necessary to preserve “readiness”, but Congress remains committed to preserving benefits.

Morning Coffee: Human Toll of Military Layoffs

soldier paperwork

Job-security concerns may compound pressures already producing record behavioral and physical health issues.