Budget Delivers a Merry Christmas to Contractors

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The bi-partisan budget bill on its way toward final approval makes big winners of big defense contractors, especially in aerospace and arms. Investors can expect a happy new year.

Large Contractors: Profits Up, Sales & Lobbying Down


Large defense firms fared better than small firms in the first round of sequestration and small companies are urged to raise their visibility as analysts predict budget contractions will continue.

White House Wants Another $100 Billion in Defense Cuts

White House

Obama would offset sequestration in other areas by cutting the Pentagon.

NAVAIR Industry Day Coming March 20

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Learn about the latest acquisition priorities of the Naval Air Systems Command Wednesday.

Lawmakers Resigned to Automatic Defense Cuts

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Hope nearly fades out for avoiding sequestration.

Defense Cuts Locked In?

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When it comes to letting sequestration happen, the fix may be in.

Second X-47B Takes Flight

x-47 twins

UCAS program gets a second test vehicle.

MD Could Lose 36K Jobs

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Defense industry says state would be in top ten budget cut losers.

F-35 Funding, Ouch

U.S. Navy photo of two F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters

Morning Coffee sees a proposed $695 million cut to 2012 JSF budget.

Morning Coffee 9-8-11


JSF could get schooled by Russian jets?